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Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo
First Edition

Book's Table of Contents

1. Welcome
1.1. Introduction
1.2. Purpose
1.3. Goals
1.4. History of (Brief)

2. Sanitation
2.1. Diseases / Infections
2.2. Autoclave
2.3. Disposables
2.4. Chemical Sanitation
2.5. Work Area Set-up
2.6. Manufacturers / Distributers

3. The Machine
3.1. History of the Machine
3.2. Brands / Distributers
3.3. Machine Parts
3.3.1. Metals
3.3.2. Frame
3.3.3. Coils
3.3.4. Front Spring
3.3.5. Rear Spring
3.3.6. Capacitor
3.3.7. Armature Bars
3.3.8. O Rings
3.3.9. Contact Points
3.4. Machine Build
3.5. Machine Tuning
3.5.1. Age Old Misconceptions
3.5.2. Liner
3.5.3. Shader

4. The power Supply
4.1. Voltage Theory
4.2. Amps
4.3. Leads
4.4. Clip Cord
4.5. Brands / Distributers

5. The Needle
5.1. Needle Parts
5.2. Making Needles
5.2.1. Round
5.2.2. Mags
5.3. Pre Sterilized
5.4. Sterilization Process for Needles

6. The Pigment
6.1. Lining Inks
6.2. Mixing for Shading
6.2.1. Grey Wash
6.2.2. White on Black
6.3. Color Inks
6.3.1. Color Theory
6.3.2. Color Process (Old School)
6.3.3. Color Process (Revisited)
6.4. Brands / Distributers

7. Stencils
7.1. Materials used
7.2. Stencil Application
7.3. Stencil repair / correction / re-use tips

8. Tattoo Process
8.1. Outlining
8.2. Shading

9. Aftercare
9.1. Bandaging
9.2. Healing durations
9.3. Healing Phases of the Skin

10. Tattoo Tips / Tricks

11. Shop Etiquette
11.1. Customer Care
11.2. Money
11.2.1. Tipping
11.3. State Laws
11.4. Customer Comforts
11.4.1. Body Position
11.4.2. Ambience
11.4.3. Atmosphere

12. Conclusion
12.1. Closing Remarks
12.2. Recommended Reading

13. Works Cited

14. Index




Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo by C.R. Jordan

I have been a tattooer since the year 1994 after buying some Spaulding and Rogers gear out of an old Tattoo magazine in 1992 and screwing up a few of my friends. I put down the machines and waited til I found an apprenticeship. 
I truly wish I had a book like Tattoo Basics to assist me but all I really had was the old Spaulding "Bible" Tattooing A-Z that gave in my opinion a half assed version of how to set up your gear and apply tattoos as well as how to set up a studio and all the fun stuff.
Tattoo Basics covers a huge variety of subjects from the history of Modern Tattooing all the way to Universal Precautions and much more. Now I will say I do not agree with everything in the book as a 15+ year professional I have seen many regulations come and go as well as what people believed to be the "be all end all " of healing or color applications or the best method of grey wash and even the way to set your station up for proper working situations.
This book carries many great points but I also see it going over board in some aspects , I guess in this day and age being "over cautious " is not a bad thing but I think some clients get freaked out if you come at them in full Operation Suite gown and mask with eye shield. I think as long as you follow the basic Universal Precautions and treat every situation as if it were dangerous then you should be fine.
I also find the over doing it with the set up as far as the zones and what not , not every shop or studio has the amount or room to have these areas set up as stated in the publication but again common sense and Universal Precautions should make things as safe as needed for you and your clients.
If you are looking to get a book that is well worth the price and has a great website and forum set up then this is a great start. There is no replacement for a professional / traditional apprenticeship but getting a head start is something that will make your learning much easier so in closing I want to thank TMTT for asking me to review this book and I look forward to seeing what others think as well as hope to see the work they are putting out now and then after they get comfortable with the art form . Tattooing is 90% medical and 10 % artistic so never stop reading and learning and you should all do great.

Much Respects,

George Wiggins
Flesh By Design
179 Main Street
Fitchburg , Ma. 01420
978-345-4300 (ph)
978-345-4311 (fax)












Are you a tattoo apprentice?

Do you plan on getting a tattoo apprenticeship?

Are you a professional tattoo artist who has an apprentice?

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If so then you could probably benefit from this textbook. Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo does not claim to be some “Tattoo Bible” or the “A to Z” guide. This book will not promise to have you opening your own tattoo studio with a perforated business plan that is located on page 105. Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo is realistic, and any professional will tell you that a realistic outlook on the tattoo industry requires the intent of a full apprenticeship.

Over 240 Pages! + Access to the Portal

Even if you decide to go to one of those “Tattoo Schools” you see advertised everywhere these days, you should still complete an apprenticeship. Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo covers all the basic things that will prepare you for an apprenticeship. Everything is covered; from the sanitation side of the house to the machine building and tuning. This is an entry level book and designed for the total tattoo beginner. This does not mean that someone who has been tattooing for some time will not benefit from this guide as well though.
Basic Fundaments has an added perk that the other books that are available don’t seem to offer, TMTT! That’s right Teach Me To Tattoo (TMTT) is an online learning support community. You have access here to the FREE forum. Even if you don’t purchase the book you will get access to the forum for free! You can ask questions, critique other apprentice’s work – and much more.


If you do purchase the book you will gain access to the Teach Me To Tattoo –
Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo Support Portal
The portal is an advanced search engine and database that catalogs a lot of the topics in the book, and allows you to ask specific questions about individual sections of the book. You can see responses from other apprentices who own the book as well. The portal is expanding rapidly and more topics are added daily. Once you purchase the book Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo you will have access to the Portal as long as it is in existence!

Here are some REAL screen shots from the Members Portal:

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You can see a bunch of the photo-tutorials here.
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We are constantly adding more video tutorials as well.

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(actual diagrams from the textbook)

Your mentor in your tattoo studio will be able to help you more than any book or DVD, but you can never be prepared enough when you are trying to get your foot in the door before you have a mentor. You should never tattoo at home, and in some places it might even be illegal.
Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo was written with the objective in mind that before you can tattoo professionally you need to have a minimal solid foundation to build upon. These are the basics. The basics that are sometimes overlooked in a traditional apprenticeship or a busy shop artist might not have the time to answer every question you might think of at 3am.

Welcome to the future of tattoo knowledge, welcome to Teach Me To Tattoo.


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