Some signs of an improperly performed tattoo procedure will
be excessive scabbing, rapid fading, and pits in the tattoo after
healing. It is important to let the client know that sometimes a
small portion of the tattoo might scab up because of an excess
of bodily fluid that pushed the pigment out in conjunction with
possibly an over worked area. If the tattoo appears to be healing
properly, with the exception of a few specs of thicker scabbing,
it is important to let the client know that the scab might be
bonded to properly healing parts of the tattoo. If the scabbed
area is scrubbed off or “picked”, then it may take out nearby
properly healing areas. The best practice is to refrain from itching
the tattooed area, and shy away from heavy scrubbing in the
shower. Using a triple antibiotic in the first few days of healing in
conjunction with ice pack immediately after the tattoo will aid in
proper healing. Keeping the tattoo moist with use of A&D ointment
or petroleum jelly will also help prevent in the formation of
scabs or overly dry skin which might cause less than adequately
healed portions of the tattoo to peel out of small specs or sections.
If proper precautions are taken during the tattoo process
to not over work or over traumatize the skin, the likeliness of
these occurrences will be kept to minimum.


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  1. kulawnee 13 years ago

    I use tattoo goo, I find that it heals 2-3 days sooner then a&d. if you can spare the monies. I get mine from for $6.00 a can most places sell it for $12-$19.00 per a can. I will try the witch hazel never hear of that before to stop itching.

    • admin 13 years ago

      Check out tatu-derm as well – really helps!

  2. George Wiggins 14 years ago

    I have found that using triple antibiotic actually can cause more issues while healing a tattoo as leaving on ointment as the ointment is heavier then the ink and lymph .

    I have found what seems to be one of the fastest and best healing methods, The following is word for word from the tattoo studio I work at’s website . The info is what I have found to work not only better then old methods but faster and with less problems so here it is but keep in mind this method has been tested on many clients but not before I used it myself many times :


    Treat your new tattoo as an open wound. Keep it clean. Do not touch healing tattoos with dirty hands.

    * Before cleaning the tattooed area, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water.
    * Keep bandage on for 1 – 2 hours. Your tattoo is a fresh wound and you want to keep it clean.
    * Remove bandage and wash tattoo with water as hot as you can stand it. Use antibacterial soap ( ie; Dial , Soft Soap). Rinse the tattoo with cold water then pat it dry with a clean paper towel.
    * Let the tattoo stay open to the air for 15 minutes then pat off any fluid that drains during that time with a clean paper towel (this fluid is what causes scabs so by removing it there should be less chance of any scabbing )
    * Apply a very thin layer of “Aquaphor Ointment” (or the ointment your tattooer recommends). Let the ointment soak in for 15- 20 minutes then pat the remainder off completely. (Oxygen is good for your tattoo so by removing the excess ointment you decrease your chance of problems during the healing process)
    * Repeat the ointment step 3 – 4 times daily for 3 – 4 days
    * After the ointment step is done switch to a “NON SCENTED” Dry skin lotion (ie; Aveeno , Lubridurm , Eucerin). Use the lotion as often as you deem fit or anytime the new tattoo feels dry or tight.
    * If you get any scabs DO NOT Pick or Scratch as this will harm the new tattoo and cause loss of pigment .
    * Itching is to be expected with any new body art during the healing process. If you get itchy and can not bare it give the tattoo a brisk slap. This will help take the itching away or you can use a small amount of Witch Hazel. (Grandma’s old remedy)
    * Avoid direct sunlight, salt or chlorinated pool water, hot tubs, saunas and steam baths for the first 2 weeks while the tattoo is fresh and still healing.
    * After your tattoo is healed you want to use a good sunblock to help keep it looking bright and vibrant.

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