Tattoo pigments have come a long way, especially in the past
decade or so. There are hundreds of manufactures of tattoo
pigments around the world that manufacture beautiful color
pigments. There are about five manufacturers that are the most
well known in the United States. No matter what brand of color
ink you select as an artist it is important not to pigeon hole yourself
on one brand of ink. The ink manufacturers are constantly
competing and improving. It is also important to note that most
tattoo artists do not only use one brand of ink for all of their color
work. Certain companies have certain colors that are more preferred
than others. It is for this reason that most companies will
sell ½ oz or 1 oz sample packs of their inks. It is highly encouraged
that a new tattoo artist sample as many different brands
and colors as possible, and annotates the effects and ease of
use for each.

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