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Alright so I will go ahead and try something new here...


I'm going to attempt to run through every single forum post on this tattoo forum.


And I'm going to try to respond in the portal. I know this doesn't help out people who are looking at the forum but it's actually easier for me. And this way at least I am answering your questions.


So let's start off with the suggestions. Okay so the question is: How to practice. Not what to practice on or how often, I feel like there's enough experience in the forum to come up with the clear-cut bullets on technique you have to have a firm grasp on. I'm used to seeing and hearing things like “using orange and just sketched some stuff with a sharpie.”


Beyond that I don't feel like there is any homework assignments let alone graders. I feel like we should come up with a section that has assignments that can be critiqued by the forum to give an example.


My Response: Right so this looks like several people are working this right now, and just working together doing some type of critique.


They're looking for volunteers in their submitting pictures and we will see her that goes.


Next topic:


E-books on tattooing - Suggestion is: have a section for people can read up on - and download tattoo flash books instructional books and tattoo safety books.


My Response: I love Johnny saying “I think you might need an e-book on grammar”.

Okay also - so I'm thinking that the we're probably not going to promote pirating of e-books and tattoo books here if you want get good ones go to that is an awesome site.


But we will not promote tattoo book piracy on this website.



Right, next suggestion: “Making my own coils.”


Anyone have any suggestions on what the best gauge to wrap my own coils and where's the best place to get it. Wow guys where's everyone at?


My Response:

Alright, so we're talking about the best gauge... you know there is a book, I have to dig it up – that I have somewhere with a test that was done that shows all different types of gauge wire.


I want to say here you can get different results not just with the gauge wire but with the coils themselves, how big the coils are and how much wire you use.


It's more about resistance but it is also a lot of variables. How much voltage you're using. How many amps you are using.

In conjunction with how big are the coils.

How big are the tops of the coils.

How big of gauge and how much wire are you using (length).

And how heavy is the Armature bar.


So there is no best gauge and I hate when...I'm looking for an answer and somebody tells me “there is no best” and then they throw out all of these variables it's really frustrating, but that's just life!



To be continued...

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