A prime example of technology making an impact on the tuning
abilities of the artists is that of the digital power supply. Even
the power supply that does not give you all the fancy upgrades,
but still has some digital read-outs is pretty handy, especially for
tuning. The power supplies that will give you load and duty cycle
are also pretty handy. Usually these power supplies will come
with some type of instruction or documentation to advise you on
how to read the quantitative outputs.
It is important to remember that technology is only a tool. It is a
tool to be used by an artist in the case of tattoo. Technology will
not make you a good artist, but it may enhance the speed and
ability of getting results that you desire. As a new tattoo artist it
is important that you realize the difference in quality equipment,
and low-budget equipment. Until you have the means and
dedication to invest in your trade, you should focus on trying to
obtain these pieces of quality equipment one by one. Whether it
is that quality arm-rest, or that solid set of coils; the tools of your
trade are just that, tools.
Can you do a tattoo with a power supply that doesn’t tell you the
duty cycle? Sure you can. Is it even necessary? Not really. Will it
help you be a better artist? Possibly, only you will be able to realize
this with time. This is where mentorship is very important.
The individual that is apprenticing you will help you avoid many
costly and time consuming mistakes that he possibly made in
the past, or he learned from someone else.

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