Presently, a host of technology is available at reasonable prices
that a few years ago just simply didn’t exist. There are those
who will shun the technology and say it is useless, these are the
same people will say that they have been creating magnificent
tattoos for years without these advancements. Others will look
at the new technology as a godsend and cherish the advancements
and attempt to not only implement them into their tattooing
rituals, but hone their skills around the new technology.
Like everything else in this art-form, there is no right or wrong
(although both sides of the fence will tell you that the others are
probably wrong). The truth is that people have been hammering
out awesome art for years without advanced gear. There are
people today who create insane artwork with old school mentality
and tools. There are also newer artists that are creating some
equally excellent work with new technology as their cornerstone.
Either way it is important for a new tattoo artist to be aware of
the technological advancements that directly impact tattoo machine


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