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      Hello everybody!

      After torturing myself for a while i did it,i stepped up to a Tattoo studio and asked if a could aprentice there,and there was(!) but the tattooer wanted me to come by and do some drawing test to see how my skills are.
      The next week im going back to do the skillz test,but im wondering if this is normal apprenticeship test,what kind a test or task could it be?

      anybody done this or formiliar things?

      happy for every reply :D

      Chris B.

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      More than likely drawing – and personality analysis. Make sure you are someone who they can get along with.

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      thnx for the reply!
      i did the task today,he told me to draw a horsehead from the top of my head and i failed hard,so he told me to do something in my style and did.
      He said that he needed somebody who has better drawing skillz to aprentice,he’s a real nice guy and we had a talk about this.
      He gave me a homework and said that if i draw 4-5 realistic portraits of humans and animal and he likes them i’m in.


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      The shop where i am an apprentice asked me to do this. After letting me watch them tattoo for a Saturday afternoon ( i had been asking questions as i was being tattooed that morning if they would be interested in taking on an apprentice) they told me to draw a koi which i had told them was the thing i would least like to attempt lol. That went well and they asked me to come back Monday to watch again. By the Wednesday they offered me an apprenticeship. I agree it also about how well you get on with people as well as your artistic proficiency.

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      Honestly telling you if you are taking an good tattoo appreciation is very necessary about it and gives an very good look too.

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      Jess Rhinelander

      What are some good things to have in a portfolio? I would like to have some things to show the artist I want to aprentice under, but i have no idea what to include in there.

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      CR Jordan

      I would include pictures of different styles. Original flash. And stuff that shows breadth. Paintings, photography, sculpture. And if you have tattooed yourself that would be useful.

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