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      this site is actually dead lmao
      here’s some work I’ve done with a honeydew – it was my first and second attempt overall. I went in with straight black to shade with the rose – and yes it looks like shit I’m aware haha
      i wanted to share it anyway – this is what shitty work looks like y’all, get back on your feet and keep going!
      second try seemed to get smoother shading (i fiddled with my machine, sped it up a little, made some greywash) but as you can see the anchor is dark as hell. guess I gotta be careful not to overwork the piece. ALSO props to me for missing an actual line where the top of the anchor connects. LMAO

      p.s. don’t diss my setup ya girl isnt planning on stabbing anything but fruits

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      shit i’m probably out of place posting all these comments but your work looks pretty good to me I’m struggling to finish one piece,lol

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      A bit too dark yes, but overall nice lines. i would be happy if it was one of the first pieces

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