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       Robert Taylor

      I have been reading and watching tutorials for the past couple months, and finally decided I was ready to try some practice skin. This skin didn’t really want to take the ink well, but I was able to finish this. Please offer advice, and critiques. I appreciate any feedback, even negative. I used a RL5 and 7Mag for shading.

      My very first tattoo

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       Robert Taylor

      Here’s the second piece I started today. This practice skin is HORRIBLE to work with. I find that I’m having to overwork areas to get the ink to stick. This bothers me because I don’t want to get into that habit, which will eat up a human’s skin when I get around to starting my apprenticeship. Can anyone suggest any other practice medium? I have to go over areas several times on practice skin, and the colors end up coming out a lot darker. I’ve read about grapefruits and pig skin. I’m going to call around tomorrow to see if I can buy some pig skin.

      Second tattoo on practice skin

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      your links don’t work mate.

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