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      I’m still an apprentice, But. There is a lot of common sense involved in the art. While I was doing my normal sweeps and other bitch work. (excuse the language) A young man came in. My senior, Liam. Took him. Well, I’ve never seen an infected tattoo before. (I’ve been tattooing in the underground for 3 years, NEVER used a home made rig) It was a tattoo on the forearm. Of a few skulls, Spitting a poorly done pool of shade. Now, I’ve seen some MESSED up tattoos in my life. But, I’ve never seen such jagged lining, It looked as if someone had been sitting on a jack hammer, While tattooing this dude. But. Besides that. It appeared he had dermatitis. And he came in asking if someone could fix it. Liam wouldn’t even touch him. He told him to step back a few steps. I mean, It was absolutely disgusting, So I had to ask…”Who did this to you?” And…He said, “A friend with a home made GUN.” I hear of people using home-made pieces all the time. And I’ve seen some decent prison art. But…Nothing like this. So, I asked him, What is this dude using for pigment? He replies “He took a disposable razor, And melted it under a sheet of glass, collecting the ash from the class, by scraping it, and mixing it with veggie oil”. I
      was….Dumbfounded…Shocked…Disgusted….Horrified, All at the same time. How dumb do you have to be? He didn’t use gloves, He wiped with a bath rag. BUT…kid said “he boiled the needle, before. So, I don’t know how it’s infected.”….”What did he use for a needle?” “A paper clip with soldered sewing needles, And a guitar string for the outline.” Again, Properly sterilizing something isn’t boiling it in water, Then taking it out with your bare hands afterwards, And throwing it in to a home made rig. I mean, 100 percent sterile doesn’t exactly exist, I’m sorry. I hate to say that but it doesn’t. Tattoo parlors/Artists take every action they can to MINIMALIZE the chance of such things happening. But, They do it in a safer environment. But, Needless to say, We couldn’t help him. I felt bad. That some Kitchen Magician, Fucked up his life (excuse it). Really opened my eyes up to “leaving it to the professionals.” But…I guess I’ll probably see a lot more of stupid people coming in, During my time in the industry. Much love to you all.

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       inky V

      man i have seen some of these things. i used to use homemade machines when i very first began.I built several. not knowing and not being able to find proper education of the art is the main cause of this. if artist want to horde their knowledge of tattooing thats fine i guess???, but they should at least set people on the right path as far as cleanliness goes. Cleanliness is the very first foremost important aspect of tattooing. If people see shitty ass tattoos with scabs all over them and puss running out chances are their not gonna come to u for ink. This could also be part of the aftercare. the tattoo was not covered immediately after and came in contact with bacteria and germs causing infection to set up in the tattoo. U have to keep them clean. not cleaning them with wash cloths. I soak my bandage with cold water so that any dried plasma or blood is not stuck to the bandage.(paper towel and medical tape). Remove the bandage. Apply more cold water and a small amount of antibacterial soap then gently massage the area with your finger-tips removing any of the leftover plasma or blood. Pat dry with a clean paper towel and apply a thin layer of tattoo healing cream or A&D ointment. Apply 2-3 times a day until healed.

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      Super Bugs come to mind…
      You can not tattoo these ways. You must use Blood Born Pathogen Cross contamination rules – always.

      You want to start tattooing? You must get an apprenticeship. You must learn to be clean before you can even pick up a tattoo machine.

      I hope people realize this – the client is just as much to blame as the dumb artist who does these things!

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      Agreed. Not to mention…if someone walks into a shop looking like they’ve walked out of a “Virus” style movie…send them to a fucking doctor, especially after the moron explained in detail what was done. I used to manage an extremely LARGE adult store for many years, and although my knowledge of the industry, viruses, products and the like were vast…if someone came in asking if I could fix some disease like ailment with something we sold that they acquired during some sexual escapade…right away the response is…we can’t help you, you need a doctor. Even if a shop COULD fix the fuck up…you’d have to wait till the idiot has seen a doctor first and the rash/etc had healed up. NO ONE will “fix” an infected tattoo…except maybe the guy he went to from the start…

      This story is just aggravating. People are such ignorant morons. And yes, the blame is definitely on both parties involved.

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      Two things give very bad experience. One a crazy mad client who desperately want any tattoo. Second a bad tattoo artist. Both are to blame.

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      If I want to make tattoo in my hand to view my special one’s name, and the tattoo maker did a spelling mistake. What about that??? :lol:

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