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      What’s up everybody, this is my first actual post. I just wanted to hear a description (I know it’s hard to put into words) of how one would go about whip shading a medium to larger size area. I’m new to tattooing, I started getting into it about 8 months ago. Started with research and books. Made sure I got a good grasp of machine tuning, springs, building and taking apart coil machines. then hit up some honeydews ( probably around 50 melons or so), as well as dedicating my thighs to the cause. For the past couple months I’ve been tattooing pig skin and it’s helped me excell at a faster rate than melons. I can actually get smooth gradients and practice laying down color. My starting point has been American traditional, I’m obsessed with it. I’ve had success with whip shading small areas with just whipping out a few strokes, but I’m not quite sure how to go about it for larger areas. I usually just layer different tones of grey with a mag for medium size pieces. I want to make sure my technique is on point. I’m not sure if this is the right place for this topic, if not ltet me know. Thanks yall

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       Ryan Leitner

      Figured it out thanks for the help yall

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