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      Hi guys, I’m wondering what is I’m doing wrong that my lining doesn’t hold the ink. I always have to pass the machine twice. After doing some research and also reading the Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo book. I tried the following:

      1- I tried to set up the machine a little faster by reducing the gap between the top of the front coil and the bottom of the a-bar.
      2- I tried to slow down my self when moving my hand.
      3- I bought a cutback machine at tattoo machine equipment (a TTS machine) that way I can go faster like I like.
      3- I tried a different ink.
      4- I tried hiding the needle more inside the tube since I like to leave it out so I can see where I’m going.
      4- I tried cranking up the voltage.

      I have coil and rotary machines and the same happens all the time. Is it that the lining have to be done twice? It doesn’t make sense to me because how tattoo artist do when having multiple appointments the same day. if a tattoo takes 3 hours to make the lines and you have to go over it again then you are taking to long plus chances are that the skin is going to get damage.
      Could you guys tell me what am I doing wrong that my dummie head haven’t realized yet.

      THANKS. And by the way the book is awesome. If anybody who is reading this haven’t buy it yet, do it because even if you think you have learn everything there is to learn, you will find something new in this book and the way Mr. Jordan say the things makes you feel his honesty and he doesn’t seem to be mad like other people do when you read info they had written about tattooing.

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      this sounds like a classic newbie mistake. 1st thing is to make sure you shake the shit out the ink to mix it. if not your lines wont show, or they will be broken. you also need to get a good stretch, or you run into the same problem. it could be a number of different things. machine is out of tune. crap ink. i would say the most important thing though, is to study allot more before going in the skin again. get some fruit and practice on them until you can get single pass lines.

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      I’m using Eternal ink and I do shake it before using it. I had practiced in fake skin and fruit for TWO years now. I have good control of the machine and my lines are stray. My shading is improving and I have around 12 different machines from the cheapest $8.00 to the expensive one $298. (Love the fallenking machines and will get one soon) but even if they come ready out off the box I need to know how to fix a simple problem like this for when it presents. I have take apart the machine and put it back together and even have change the a-bar, springs and add other things to my taste. I have read as much as I can and still reading every where. I have taken care off the cross contamination part wish to me is the most important, and by the way the lines on the fake skin are PERFECT. Something I’m doing wrong on the real skin. But thanks anyway for taking your valuable time to share your input.

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      load up a machine with a needle and tube.

      Run it at the speed you are accustomed to running it. Does the needle reach full extension?

      touch it to your thumb on the A-bar, it should bog. Look at the needle when you do this. Does it continue to extend past the tube? Many times people are so afraid of chewing the skin up they run their machines with too few volts. If the machine can’t push the needle where it needs to be the line isn’t going to be there.

      I had this issue with color trying to run the machine slow and soft. Easy fix.

      Hope this helps.


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      Are you working on yourself or someone else. Sounds to me like you dont have enouph ink in the tube or your barely touching the skin while tattooing and you need to stretch more, give a little more pressure. And maybe slow down. Who knows without being there. Practice more!

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      First I’ll say that I like sculpting lines so passing over lines for me several times is not uncommon, but I break out single pass lines all the time with the same machines. It sounds to me like you’ve played with everything from the machine to the needles to the ink, but the one thing you didn’t mention is the depth you’re putting the needle into the skin when you do a line. The problem with practice skins and fruits is they can’t give you a real idea of whether or not you’ve got the right needle depth in the skin. Now practicing on pig skin can give you a better idea of it, but still not the same as tattooing real human skin. Try laying down lines on your own legs and play with the needle depth until you get smooth solid lines and remember that depth/handspeed/machine setting/machine sound/machine feel, it’ll help you out and give you a real good idea of what it feels like when you’re tattooing other people too. Needle depth in the skin is a major factor in lines falling out (not deep enough), blowing lines (too deep or too slow or both), scarring (TOO DEEP, ink falls out of these too) or in getting the perfect smooth lines everyone wants.

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      Hey guys thank you so very much for all the responses. I have begin to tap the skin with vaseline on the area where I’m going to do the line and the ink stays. Why is this if I have seen videos on youtube where the guy doesn’t put any? Well, Thanks again a million times.

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      You do know they only sell fk irons to pros right?

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      it could be a variety of different factors. device is out of track. junk ink. i would say the most crucial factor though, is to research assign more before going in the epidermis again. get some fruit and exercise on them until you can get individual complete collections….

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