So what are you going to get out of this material? I have laid out
a few brief goals and milestones that you can hope to obtain or
strive to reach as a new tattoo artist. It may seem overwhelming
at first and you have to be a human sponge, so just try to soak
it all in. This book will not make you a tattoo artist. This book will
get you familiar with the fundamentals of being a tattooist. There
is a big difference between being a tattoo artist and being a tattooist,
someone who makes tattoos. The art form of tattoo takes
a lot of time and practice. Even if you are a very good artist in
another medium, you may find yourself struggling to get the
same effects in skin. Each of the goals set forth here are important,
to say that any one goal is more important than another
would be misleading.

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