Tattoo power supplies, like everything else in tattoo, are a matter
of personal preference. The artist will have to play around
with different equipment to see what feels best. It is always good
to know about reputable dealers of equipment since the cost of
the power supply can be pretty hefty. Several tattoo power supply
manufactures have been listed in this text. It is important to
note that they are in no particular order. This is not a review of
the equipment or a suggestion to purchase. I cannot vouch for
any of these power supplies; they are just well known popular
brands and this, merely a reference and a way for beginning artists
to familiarize themselves with different manufacturers.


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  1. admin 14 years ago

    Best power supply hands down is Pulse.
    Check them out.
    I think they push 2 – 3 Amps
    Not just an Amp thing though – it all depends on how the board handles the flux of the power.
    Ie the draw changes a lot during the cycle – the power supply has to be able to compensate and keep up with the demand.
    Hope this helps!

  2. S15l685O30Oa 14 years ago

    ive noticed and agree on the amp issue as in respect to how solid the volts feel now is there a standard like ive got a really shitty digi supply that runs at 1.5 amp and is just junk yet ive got 3 other supplys (2 amp) one with duty and one just knob then heres the funny part i have a 5 click preset no clue how many volt supply that strokes pushes my tommys supplies(trade mark owner of starbrite) 38 special, so long story short i guess my question is… is 2 amp and above what is standard and should i shit can this 1.5 or does it have a chance at being used as some low amp shadeing king lol

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