There are two ways to get that award winning design, you spent
hours on, into a transferable medium. The first way to properly
use Spirit Masters style paper is to have your completed drawing
out, lay it on top of the whole packet, and re-trace it. This
will let the purple or blue (depending on what you want to call
it) ink transfer in a mirror image onto the thin tissue paper (typically
brownish in color). Once you have the design on the tissue
paper you can cut it out and apply it to the skin.
Some artists will use the white protective sheet, which has a
waxy coating to catch the ink from the Spirit Masters paper. This
works well for smaller designs, but this paper is not very conforming
to the skin for larger pieces.
Another method is to use white photocopy paper with the design
on it. Place it directly onto the purple ink side of the Spirit Masters,
after taking the brown and white pieces off, with the design
showing face up. The artist can then re-trace the design. This
method assumes that you have a photocopier or you will print
your design from some type of computer printer. Original pencil
sketches can also be used, but this is not preferred due to the
fact that the original drawing paper is far less sterile than a new
sheet of paper. Not to mention the pen and pencil drawing will
have weakened the paper, and when it is retraced it has a tendency
to tear.


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