Again, with an Allen key, remove the rear spring mounting screw from the rear upright of the frame, setting it aside with the flat washer. Next, he will remove the armature bar screw separating the rear spring, front spring and the armature bar. If you use an O-ring, this will separate as well.

The rear binding post is next. Removing the rear binding post mounting screw will allow the rear binding post, insulating washers and flat washers to separate from the frame. [00:36:00] The capacitor wire lead and rear coil wire lead will also separate.



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Now, he is removing the tube vice screw and setting it aside. The coils will be removed shortly, but before that, here's a look at a one and a half coil setup. You will notice that the yolk is used on the frame base between the frame and the coils. This is because the frame he is working with here is made of aluminum and electricity will not flow through the base of the frame.

The yolk creates a horseshoe magnet effect giving the machine a stronger magnetic field, stronger than if each coil were to be working independently. Beware if you have shim washers between your yolk in the bottom of the coil cords. They might be used as a way to create a proper gap between the armature bar, and the top of the coil cords. Ensure you do not lose them and the coil mounting screws are removed.

After removing the front and rear coil mounting screws, the coils can be removed from the frame, then the yolk and shims. [00:38:00]

Again, he has shown here keeping the pieces together as a way to make the reassembly much easier.

This is a disassembled aluminum framed, one and a half coil tattoo machine.

[00:40:00] Use plastic wrap on your workstation to keep it clean. You will need to have several rolls of this stuff handy. Do not skimp on paper towels, plastic wrap and disposables. You will need to get it in your mind that no matter how small the tattoo, these things are factored into the initial set up costs.

Within the armature bar assembly, there is the armature bar, front spring, rear spring, optional O-ring, rear spring mounting screw, armature bar screw and flat washers one for each screw.

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