No matter what you call the parts of a tattoo machine, how they
all function is the important thing to analyze. Each component
has an important role. Some components can be argued to
be part of a larger set of components. These sub-components
make up what we will refer to as primary systems of the tattoo
It is pretty much mutually agreed upon by all artists that there
are at least two primary systems on the tattoo machine. Some
will argue that there is a third system as well. Whether you
choose to acknowledge the third system is once again, like
everything else in tattoo; a matter of personal preference. For
the sake of maintaining some cohesive structure in this text, we
will assume that there are two primary systems on the tattoo
machine. The third, arguable system will be touched on later in
hopes that the artist will be able to understand the complexity of
its assignment. The first prime system is the Electrical System
and the second is the Mechanical System.

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