We talked about these tuning tools before.  This is to make sure that your armature bar is lined up properly.  I just want to put this in here real quick whenever we’re doing a tuning just to make sure that the armature bar is actually lined up with the vice and the tube vice hole.  I just push down on the armature bar.  This has a little groove notched out into it.  I click this in here just to make sure that there’s not very much give, that we have a pretty straightforward line.

The key to tuning is going to be a couple of things.  Keeping a straight geometry where this hole, this hole keeps these coils, that these cores lined up over the armature bar.  The armature bar springs are straight and aligned with the contact screw, which is in line with the front of the armature bar, which is in line with the tube vice hole.  Once everything is in general alignment, then you can fine-tune the alignment by putting these shims in between the gaps where you need to bring things up or down or move them left or right.  Use your [private levels="level2"]shims for that. [/private]

When we talked about the front coil getting slapped by the armature bar, you want this armature bar, the very front of the armature bar right here, to [private levels="level2"]hit evenly and slap that coil.  It’s a pretty level slap.  If you notice while that’s slapping, there’s a small gap between the rear coil core and the armature bar.  Even while it’s pushed all the way down, you can still see that gap there.  Pull gap between both, push down, and there’s still a gap between that core and the armature bar.  I’ll hold that there so I can do an arrow or two for the gap.  That’s very important for the tuning. [/private]

How do you get that gap?  You get that gap by [private levels="level2"]adding or removing shims under these cores and by filing this angle of the frame deck down.  If you keep the frame deck at a little bit elevated angle, from high to low, front to back, then you’re going to set this rear spring up for an initial elevation.  As it bends down, which the spring has a bend in it when I am pulling on this, then that’s going to put that flat.  This little gap is going to help the machine to run smoothly by the magnetic force. [/private]


The text above is a few cuts from the rough audio track for DVD2 (welcome tattoo apprentice DVD)

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