I recommend that when you are doing greys you use the same
setup you would use for a liner, but the traditional setup calls for
a softer hitting machine with a long stroke. The reason I call for
a long stroke here is because the traditional method for shad-
ing grey wash is to do almost wispy movements with the tattoo
machine. Like a wave. As the needle goes into the skin, and you
start your movement you will press a little harder, then pull out
as you lift out of the movement. This will make the point where
you ended your hand movement the lighter of the area. This is
similar to shading a pencil drawing with your bare fingers. Usually
you start in a dark corner and press hard to get the graphite
on the finer, and then wisp it out toward the lighter area. This
same effect can be achieved with a tattoo machine. You do not
move your hand as fast as you would with the Liner-Shader
setup while doing this motion. Since it does not make too much
sense to setup a machine specifically for this, you have to determine
if you are more of a Subtle Shader or a Liner Shader artist.
These are just suggestions for setups, and you will really have
to define your own style and technique. Just know that the different
variables are the speed, the hit, and the stroke.

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