Warm zone:
All materials that are sterilized will be kept in your cold zone.
The cold zone will be sealed off from your warm and hot zone
by means of closed drawer or cabinet. Prepping your work area,
or warm zone will begin by barrier protection on the furniture.
Gloves will be worn during warm zone setup.
Any furniture that will run the risk of coming in contact with
bodily fluid must be covered by some type of barrier protection.
This can be as easy as wrapping the chairs with plastic wrap.

Even the artist’s chair should be wrapped in plastic.
It is good practice to cover the counter top of your work area
with aluminum foil or plastic wrap as well. Ensure you tape down
the barrier protection. It is good practice to have steel medical
trays or large mirrors that are not inside a frame as a work
All materials that will be used during the tattoo process will be
placed on the tray or mirror which should also be wrapped in
barrier protection.
Some artists will use paper plates on top of the wrapped tray.
The paper plate acts as a sort of pallet for inks and materials.
Single use Vaseline packets should be moved from the cold
zone to the tray.
Ink caps should be placed on the tray, using a small amount of
Vaseline to secure them to the surface.
There are some artists who use ink cap holders in the form of
metal table tops that have holes drilled in them. These ink cap
holders should be covered with plastic wrap.
Tattoo machines should be assembled and setup.
Tattoo machines and clip cords should have barrier protection
Inks should be poured.
If the artist is using single use ink capsules, then the amount of
desired ink should be removed from the cold zone and placed
on the tray.
After inks are poured, the ink should be placed back in the cold
The client should have his skin cleaned with alcohol, and the
stencil should be applied.
The tattoo machine power supply should have proper barrier
A sufficient amount of paper towels should placed in the warm
zone atop the barrier protected tray.
A new cup of water should be available, multiple if required;
place the cups on the tray.

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