Tattoos have really come a long way in the past ten years or so. I don’t mean tattoo culture and mainstream acceptance, but rather that what were once traditional technical rules for tattoo artists are pretty much extinct now.


The good ‘ole days of tattooing required the artist to put down an outline and then color in your tattoo. [private levels="level1,level2"]

You might have received a bit of shading or gradient in that color, but it was typically a black gradient with a solid color over it. Tattoo artists were taught that they had to apply colors in certain orders and they had limited needle groupings to choose from, which restricted a lot of the techniques.


The new school methodology with tattoos is that the machines are tuned to run so well that the artist can actually work the same area of skin far more than ever before with traditional techniques. The old color pallets and rules are pretty much out the window now as well. Without going into excessive detail about how to tattoo, what you need to know is that this is good news for the client.


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