Here are a few warnings and other things to keep in mind:

(taken from "welcome tattoo: DVD Disk 1" tattoo training dvd)

Number 1 – Follow your local laws. Each city will have specific codes and laws, as will each state and country. Make sure you are in full compliance with all the tattoo laws in your area. If you are not sure what these are, then use the internet or call your local state board of health.

Number 2 – Sharpz. Sharpz is the common name for needles or anything that might cause a puncture or cut to your skin. You need to be familiar with the proper disposing of Sharpz, such as with a sharpz container. Those little red, bio-hazard needle, trash cans can be purchased from any medical or tattoo supply company. It may take you a while to fill one up and you only put sharp things in there, like needles.

Do not fill your sharpz container up with tubes.
Do not throw your used needles in regular trash can.

And keep in mind that there are people from your community who work in landfills and have to handle this type of rubbish on a daily basis. Don’t put those people in jeopardy!
You can usually dispose of a full sharpz container for free at a local area hospital or clinic. But you need to do your research!

Number 3 – Don’t tattoo humans, animals, anyone, Until you are ready! These videos are not designed to show you how to start tattooing your friends right away. Learning the proper technique takes time. You will do bad tattoos for a while, so practice before you mess up someone’s skin…Especially a loved one (like a family member). You will have to look at those bad tattoos for a long time!

Number 4 – Barrier Protection. Cover everything and anything you can with plastic. Make sure that you keep bodily fluids off of anything that you don’t plan to throw away.

Number 5 – Talk to industry professionals. The information on this video is a supplement to your professional training. You should do everything in your power to become an apprentice in a very reputable tattoo studio.
Get as much information as possible from these professionals, even if you have to pester them on a daily basis to get some face time.
The best way to get your foot in the door is to pick a shop, pick an artist, make an appointment, and get tattooed.

Ask questions while you are in the chair. No one likes to give away their secrets, but if you show how you are really interested in this craft – they might offer you an apprenticeship or be a bit more inclined to talking about their technique to you.

Number 6 – Quality products. You will learn the basics, and your tattoo kit is fine to learn with. Your entry level tattoo machines are perfect to tattoo fruit and even yourself with. You will want to get some quality professional gear when you have the opportunity.

This will make a lot of things easier for you. Most of this professional gear can only be purchased when you work in a tattoo studio or have a license.

This is the direction you should be working towards, and these videos alone will NOT be able to get you there. It takes a proper apprenticeship, and lots of time and effort.

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