The most noticeable part of the tattoo needle is what is referred
to as the needle bar. The needle bar is long cylindrical steel
piece that is typically fashioned into a loop on one end and may
have either a flat plate or nothing at all on the other end. There
are different gages of needle bars. Some artists who make their
own needle groupings will re-use the bar. This is typically not
recommended. The reason that reusing the needle bar is discouraged
is there is a possibility for cross contamination
between uses. Needle bars are very inexpensive, and the risk
definitely outweighs the savings that the artist will incur by reusing
the bar. The needle bar’s top end will attach to a grommet or
nipple, which is fastened to the armature bar.


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  1. mtrimble373 4 years ago

    Yes i agree buying new needle bars is way better.

    • CR Jordan 3 years ago

      “Back in the day” there was no AMAZON or Google – so we got to re-use and sterilize. This is kind of like when you got to the dentist. They re-use tools all the time.

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