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Portrait Tattoo

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  1. mtrimble373 4 years ago

    What should the power box be set at for outlining verses shading? Also how do you get the right line work because i started a tattoo on myself and looks scary. I can post picture if needed.

    • CR Jordan 4 years ago

      Power box (Power Supply) voltage depends. Some people like to line w/ higher voltage, some like lower.
      It really is not a set number.
      It also depends on your tattoo machine, how it is tuned, what kind of springs you have, what capacitors, and what coils.
      Is it rotary or Coil machine?

      I personally like a steady (fast side) liner, but I line w/ multiple machines (I even line w/ a shader at times).

      This is like asking what paint brush type is best for lining.
      It depends on the brush type, your skill, the type of paint, the canvas, and even the type of line.

      We also have to think about the needle.
      There is tight, and loose liners, and then how many needles are you lining with?
      There are common liner types like a 3rnd tight, or a 5rnd tight, etc.

    • CR Jordan 3 years ago

      It really depends on the type of machine you have, and how the springs are setup. I can run a liner w/ the same voltage as a shader when I am tattooing – if the Machines are setup to do so. There is NO magic number value (maybe w/ a Rotary you can get there), but it is feel and hearing.

  2. Michael Evangelista 7 years ago

    When using rotary motors, at what speed should the motor be at when shading and lining?

    • CR Jordan 7 years ago

      It is very subjective. When tattooing with a rotary. All rotaries are different, and all artists are different. It would be like saying, how fast should I run when I am breaking in a new pair of shoes.
      What style are you doing? And how do you normally tattoo with coil machines?
      Practice, experiment, learn your own gear.

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