tattoo tutorial video rose black and grey

Description of Video: Shop apprentice is doing his first tattoo at the shop. Again - this is from the 2009ish period where the camera was cheap and the lighting was bad. There is some audio on there - but I wouldn't listen too close to the "tips". Just watch what the artist does! This video is for members only, so if you don't see the video, make sure you are logged into the website.

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  1. Michael Caron 9 years ago

    This video should not ever be used for guidance or reference on how to properly and/or methodically do a tattoo procedure. I would hate for another person to have to endure what this poor client did, if it can be avoided by any means possible. This video is a lot closer to a “what NOT to do” guide. This apprentice isnt even being corrected on how to stretch the skin properly, and that should be tattoo 101 for throwing down line work in my opinion. I would really like to see this video be removed from the very limited archives of this website.

    • CR Jordan 9 years ago

      Hey Michael,
      Thanks for the feedback.
      The purpose of apprentice videos is to show learning progression.
      We also try to be positive on the site.
      I apologize there is a limited video collection – unfortunately videos take time to create and edit, and I am a one man show.
      That was the artists’ first tattoo, now he is booked three months out and doing solid black and grey.
      Just out of curiosity, I checked that same artist’s Instagram just now and saw some work form the past few weeks he posted.
      See attached images.

      The point I am making here is: apprentice is where you learn, and no matter how bad you think that video is – that first tattoo helped this artist out.
      I hope you can try to be positive with the comments and posts on the website/videos/forum.
      We are in the progress of moving to a new hosting provider and apologize for the errors and down time, but we should have it fixed in the next few days.

      Feel free to reach out if you have questions about your own tattoo apprenticeship, and be sure to post YOUR work (completed in a professional studio while you apprentice) online for others to critique!

      Best of luck to you.

      -CR Jordan

      • Michael Caron 9 years ago

        Thanks C.R. for promtly responding. It is just concerning that some people will be watching these videos and taking it as something to look up to, because they more than likely have not had an apprenticeship. In reality these people will end up making ameteur mistakes, reguardless of these videos, but I believe it is dangerous to leave tutorials up like this one whilst the general target audience being people trying to learn to tattoo prior to obtaining an apprenticeship. Thanks for your consideration. -Mike

        • CR Jordan 9 years ago

          Of course! I try to get on here as much as possible to reply to comments – but we have been dealing with SPAM and malware on the site – trying to clean it up. If you want to critique the video – feel free to post a youtube video and I will happily post it as a rebuttal next to this video. I am all about learning and teaching. This video is six years old, it is always good to hear from other artists. And I don’t mind people telling me that I make mistakes. It is ultimately about the final product (the tattoo), and everyone has their own way of doing tattoos. Specifically in regards to the stretching of the skin – this was done on a thigh, of a fit client, sitting on a chair…definitely no need to stretch the skin. The client was also another artist at the shop, which if you are an apprentice – you should be tattoo other artists and yourself for a while before real clients. Even tattooing friends for a while before clients. I hope this video sparks debate and discussion. I am trying to be more involved with the site as we build it up and work with a lot of new artists to get quality tattoo videos on here for FREE (if you have a copy of the book Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo). Keep up the posts!

  2. greg taylor 9 years ago

    i have been in to tattooing for about three and a half years now but i have the problem of trying to find an apprenticeship any advise is welcome

    • CR Jordan 9 years ago

      I recommend going into shops and showing your portfolio!

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