tattoo portrait on calf, black and grey, tattoo training video

Description of Video: This is an older video as well. From 2009. I apologize for the poor camera, but hopefully you can get something out of this. Remember all of the new videos I am editing right now are shot in a much better camera system - so they will be way more crisp. I hope you can get a bit of tattoo information out of this video though. There is no audio because you can't hear the machine properly on the audio, and the conversations are not related to the tattoo. I will try to get an audio over-dub on this when I have time, but for now - just enjoy the tattoo as if you were looking over the artist's shoulder in the shop. Feel free to posts comments on here though!

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  1. corey mullins 8 years ago

    its not letting me see the video and Im logged in

  2. albert neely 9 years ago

    How do you make grey wash?

    • CR Jordan 9 years ago

      Did you get a copy of Basic Fundamentals of Modern tattoo? Pretty sure it is in there extensively.

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