sunflower tattoo tutorial video on stomach

Description of Video: This is another really old tattoo video, shot on a horrible 720i camera, in a poorly lit shop, on a tripod that no one was looking at!
This is a very small tattoo done with tight liner and a 14 round shader. No outline, and some decent color blending. Keep in mind how far the camera is zoomed in, and how tiny this tattoo actually is. Hopefully it gives you some ideas on how to do some soft color. Also note, my machines run super soft! I mean super soft, so I can work over some spots quite a bit without causing too much trauma. Audio was removed for the same reason it is on most of the other tattoos. The tattoo machine sound is not the same as in real life, and you don't gain anything from it - and the conversations on the clip don't really relate to the tattoo itself. When I have time, I will try to lay down an audio track for the tattoo videos that don't have audio. This is a time consuming process just to get things running this smooth on this site, so hopefully I am playing catch-up in 2015! Thanks for hanging in there guys.

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