The seals must be replaced on your autoclave and you
must conduct preventative maintenance checks and servicing
regularly on all expendable parts of the autoclave.
Equipment must be cleaned prior to sterilization with an
The autoclave time does not start until the target heat and
pressure range has been met.
Autoclave temperate should run at 121 degrees Celsius or
Autoclave pressure should run at 15 psi or greater.
Autoclave timer should run for 20 minutes or greater.
You can be burned by prematurely opening the autoclave
after the cycle has finished.
You get what you pay for when purchasing autoclave equipment.
You are risking lives with very serious diseases and infections
on a daily basis.
It is recommended that all tattoo studios maintain a training program
and keep records to document that 100% of their staff has
received semi-annual training on the proper usage and standing
operating procedures of the establishment in relation to the autoclave.
Each time the autoclave is utilized an autoclave usage
log should be filled out. Items should be labeled with the date
and time of the autoclave cycle on their blister packs.

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