According to CDC (Center for Disease Control) guidelines:
“If spores are not killed in routine spore
tests, the sterilizer should immediately
be checked for proper use and function
and the spore test repeated. If the spore
tests remain positive, use of the sterilizer
should be discontinued until it is serviced.”
The autoclave is an invaluable tool in any tattoo studio, and will
be prevalent. It is important to make sure you are familiar with
the way your autoclave works, and it is also important to make
sure that all employees are aware of the complete process of
sterilization. The process starts at the time of the tattoo completion,
and it ends when the reusable instrument is opened from
its autoclaved individual wrapping. It is highly encouraged that
the tattoo studio owner should contact the state health department
and research the CDC’s website for further guidance. This
is by all means a medical process, and should be treated as

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