The traditional liner setup, in my opinion, is a machine that runs
really fast, hits hard, and has a pretty long stroke. To achieve
this there are numerous things that can be done. The first thing
to look at is your frame geometry. On a traditional liner the
upright of the frame should be closer to the spring deck on the
frame than it should be to the vice tube hole on the frame. This
will move the contact screw further to the rear of the machine.
This will allow you to keep using the “90 degree rule” with your
contact screw and front spring (where they touch should create
a 90 degree angle). Using this type of frame might require
you to use shorter springs, especially regarding the front spring.
Typically the softer the rear spring, the faster the machine will
run as well. You still want to try to achieve a fairly hard hitting
machine for lines too. Different artists line differently. You have
to be careful that your machine’s speed matches your hand
speed. If you have a machine that is running too fast and you
move your hand too slow, you will really cause some damage to
the skin.


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