The power supply is a key component to any tattoo artist’s
arsenal and should never be underestimated. Each piece of
equipment that a tattoo professional utilizes can affect the tattoo
quality. It is true that an excellent tattooist can create works
of art that will heal perfectly with low grade equipment, but even
the masters of the art-form will say that having good tools help
make the job easier. The power supply or power pack is no exception
to any of the above.
There are a host of power supplies available on the market that
can be used with tattooing. It used to be common to see a tattoo
artist using a generic DC power supply or even an electronics
repair man’s bench top power supply. In recent years there has
been an influx in more stable and cleaner power sources developed
solely for the use with dual coil tattoo machines. These
machines can handle the spikes in voltage caused by the oscillation
that are typically uncommon in most laboratory DC applications,
which make bench top power packs unsuitable.

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