In addition to the goals, there are a few milestones that will help
you track your progress on the long road that is before you.
These milestones are things that you really should be doing
while reading this text. They are also indicators that you are
learning, and progressing.
Milestone One
You will purchase the proper professional tools you
need to work.

Milestone Two
You will have, or at least know how to, successfully run
an autoclave.

Milestone Three
You will have built a tattoo machine from the frame up.

Milestone Four
You will make your own needles.

Milestone Five
You will properly set up your work area in preparation
for a tattoo.

Milestone Six
You will have completed a real tattoo on a piece of fruit
or “fake” skin.

Milestone Seven
You will have met with a tattoo studio employee with
confidence, and obtained an apprenticeship.

Milestone Eight
You will have shared your knowledge about tattoo with
someone who is just as eager to learn as you once

There are a lot of markers in between these milestones, and
some will and should be repeated. The milestones represent an
overall progress. Like a type of control that can show where you
are at and give you something to look forward to while striving to
obtain the goals.
Tattoo is not a science, it is an art. Some parts of tattoo are
technical and should be approached in a scientific manner, but
even within those technical aspects there are undertones of art.
It is for that reason that no one can say a “right” or “wrong” way
to tattoo. The ultimate test will be if the ink looks good in the
skin, and if it heals fast and properly.

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