Arguably, one of the greatest inventions or advancements in
the tattoo industry is the disposable tube and grip. I say arguably
because some artists appall them and refuse to use them.
I swear by them and have been using them exclusively for the
past few years. They take some time getting used to and are
definitely a challenge, but the benefits far outweigh the learning

Disposables are tubes, tips, and grips
that are made of plastic materials that
are considered single use. You may
have seen the signs in neon on a
tattoo shop, stating that they use new
needles every time. This is often true,
but the tube and the tip draw in blood,
and touch open skin just as much as
the needle does. I have personally
never seen a tattoo studio that advertises
new tubes every time. The real
reason that I think this technique has
not caught on is because of cost.

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