The capacitor is a very important part of the coils as well. It technically
is not part of the coils, but for the purpose of simplicity
and general knowledge, this text will refer to the capacitor as a
subcomponent of the coil. The capacitor is measured in microfarads.
Usually a DC current capacitor is utilized in the construction
of tattoo machine coils. DC means that the coils have to run
in a single direction in relation to the electrical current or else
the capacitors have the opportunity to explode. Pay attention
to the arrows on the capacitor, as this will inform the artist as to
which lead of the clip cord should be attached to which end of
the tattoo machine and it is possible to run the voltage reversed.
There may be some lack in performance or overheating and as
mentioned earlier the capacitor may fail and explode. Capacitors
may also be heat-shrink wrapped and you may not be able to
see the rating number on the capacitor or the directional arrows.
If this is the case, then observe the notched groove in the capacitor;
this will notify you of the proper voltage direction.

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