Skin can be a very unforgiving medium to work in. Skin can
also be really rewarding. Being a tattoo artist is one of the most
amazing jobs in the world. It is not very often that people who
work with art get to work on fun creative pieces, and have their
canvas actually converse with them. To create a tattoo is to give
someone a piece of art that they will take with them to the grave.
Some collectors are so passionate about the whole tattoo process
that they feel they have entered into a spiritual bond with

the artist. Whether it is formation of a spiritual linkages or just
making a new friend, there is even more to being a professional
tattoo artist than technical and artistic ability. The foundations of
a good apprenticeship will always focus on the ethics of tattooing
and customer service as equals in comparison to the actual
This text was designed as an accompaniment to a formal apprenticeship.
It might also be used by someone who is interested
in learning what the whole scene is all about and what is
actually involved in doing tattoos.
This text will not make you a tattoo artist, it may not even teach
you to tattoo on a level that would pass for professional. It will
familiarize you with the lingo, the tools, the technique, and the
overall aspect of the industry with normal vocabulary that should
be easy for anyone to follow. You will see in this text over and
over, “… will not make you a tattoo artist…” this is for good reason
and cannot be stressed enough.

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