Hot zone:
Once the needle breaks skin the hot zone is established.
The hot zone consists of the client, the machine, and any item
that has bodily fluid on it.
This includes ink filled caps that have been dipped in, and any
Vaseline that has been touched with a hot glove.
If during the tattoo process more ink is required,
the following process should be followed:
•Tattoo machine is to be placed in the warm zone on the
Gloves are to be removed and put in a biohazard trash
•Artist’s hands are to be sanitized.
•New gloves are to be dawned.
•New ink caps are to be taken out of the cold zone and
placed 3 – 5 inches from the ink caps that have been
dipped in.
•Ink bottles are taken from the cold zone, and the new
ink caps can be filled, careful not to touch any item that is
considered to be a hot zone.
•Ink bottles are to be put back in the cold zone.
•The cold zone is to be resealed.
•Tattoo process may resume.

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