I consider a Liner Shader to be a machine that I use for shading
gradients and blending. This machine is a similar setup as
a liner, but instead of a hard + fast machine it is a soft + fast
machine. My Liner Shader will really bog down when I place my
thumb on the a-bar nipple while it is running, but it will not stop.
To achieve this I use a “cutback” liner frame geometry. I also
use a softer rear spring (lighter guage). I also like this machine
to have a really short stroke because I move my hand pretty
quickly while using this machine. I think that the reason it works
so well for me is because this is primarily a Mag needle configuration
machine. I do not try to do solid tribal with this machine
or run small round needles. I use it to get gradual fades and
blends. I control a lot of the darkness of the color that goes into
the skin by the pressure of my hand, and how many passes I go
over the skin. Because the machine runs so smooth and bogs
down, it does not damage the skin; thus allowing me to make
multiple passes over the same area. You have to find that sweet
spot where the machine will bog down and still lay in ink, but it’s
not dying and snagging the skin. You also have to be careful of
how much needle you have hanging out of the tube, and how
hard you are pressing on the skin. This definitely takes some
practice. Once you get the feel for the Liner-Shader configuration
(as I call it), you will really enjoy using it for portraits and
grey shading work, as well as subtle color work.


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  1. ingram030 12 years ago

    can you tell me how to set the depth of a needle

    • admin 12 years ago

      make it so the needle is just barely poking out of the tube when the spring is NOT stressed. Most important is how deep YOU control it going into the skin. Not the depth it sticks out the tube though. Be careful and practice on your OWN body w/ disposable tubes before on other people! Get an apprenticeship – you will learn first hand this way. Also get tattooed in a professional studio. Watch and ask questions!

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