Like everything else in the world of tattoo, there is no such thing
as a “best frame”. You will notice that a lot of the frames available
on the market have similar geometry to the tried and tested
age old designs. It is always a matter of preference when selecting
a frame. It is important to ensure that your tubes will fit the
frame tube vise hole, or you will have to mill this out yourself.
It is also important to know the type of metal that your frame is
constructed from, in order to determine if adding a yolk would
be necessary. Pay a lot of attention to the quality of the frame,
especially in the tube vise area. The tube vise is one of the most
used parts of the tattoo machine. An unforgiving and menacing
vice will cause an artist a lot of unwelcome frustrations during
the setup and teardown, and even possibly while tattooing; this
is seen more with the lower quality tattoo machines. It is also
possible to have a tube-vise that will damage your tubes by
crimping or bending them.

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