Eternal Glory

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June. 24, 2013

This review is for: Eternal Ink (0.5oz Bottle)


Eternal Ink Review Eternal Ink has some really amazing, solid, bright, and fresh colours. For the purpose of reviewing the bottle of the inks I will be using the 0.5oz bottle. I heard a lot of good things about these inks, and when I was going to purchase Fusion Inks at PHILink TATTOOz they didn't have any, so I purchased these Eternal Inks. I am actually quite fond of them. They are a thicker ink like my Alla Prima, and are pretty easy to work with. Thick to the point that each bottle comes default with a sterile bearing inside to aid this mixing. If you don't like thicker inks I wouldn't recommend these, or at least keep some Witch Hazel handy.


The label is pretty minimal. A yellow label with the logo, the name of the ink, expiration date, lot number, email, address, and phone number. Again another minimal design, which I like. I don't want to see a big flashy design, and have the ink be terrible. I want the ink to work, not the label be pretty. However, there is a French, and English Pigment Patch Test instructions, but they are all but impossible to read. Again, this is using the 0.5oz bottle, so it may be easier to read on other bottles.


The colours are pretty bright. I've used quite a few on myself, and many clients. They go in so easily. I was actually pretty surprised with how easily they went in. Even red, and white went in like a hot knife through melted butter. They take, and heal well as well. Basically what you put into the skin is what you get. They heal quickly too. I did a test on myself—as I don't really get to see tattoos heal—for the purpose of this review, and withing four days all the colours had peeled, and all that was left to heal was my outline. It was quite impressive. I have yet to use their Lining black as I prefer Intenze Zuper Black for my lining, and tribal. I have heard very good things about it—and the colours which is why I tried them out—from pretty much all of my other artist friends.


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I rather like the bottle design. It is different from the red capped bottles I'm used to seeing for 0.5oz bottles. Slightly smaller, and most stocky, and it has a twist off top that reveals the spout. One of the problems I noticed though—not sure if this is the fault of the bottle design, or the bearing size—due to the fact that there is a bearing is very bottle of these inks sometimes it can be difficult to get the ink out. The bearing will sit in a certain spot while pouring out your ink, and it will block the flow. This can become very annoying during set up, and will kind of make you look like a chump in front of a client. So I recommend being a little careful when using the smaller bottles to pour ink!


You can find Eternal Inks at On there you can also find a list of distributors for various countries, and regions.


I gave the Eternal Inks 4 out of 5 due to the bottle design, and poor label. The bottle design is a hit, and miss for me. It looks nice, and I prefer it to the red capped bottles, but it is too easy to block the flow of ink. The colours themselves are fantastic, go in easily and nice, heal well, and heal fast! Ir ecommend them as long as you get 1oz, or more.

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