Some artists will tell
you to hang your
needle out of the tip
of the tube about
the width of a dime.
Others will tell you that the needle should not be visible at all.
Some artists will even work with their needle hanging an eighth
to a quarter of an inch out of the tube. It is all relative to whether
the a-bar assembly is relaxed or stressed when you are looking
at the tip of the tube in comparison to the length of the needle
sticking out. Some tattoo artists prefer to use the tube’s tip as a
guide. This style of outlining will allow you to press pretty hard
on the skin, and not cause too much trauma. It will also allow
the tube to keep the needle steady. However you decide to
setup your machines for lining, it is important that you remember
as a new tattoo artist: shorter needle length in comparison to
protrusion from the tube is better and safer.


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  1. Lynaie Wannop 9 years ago

    Hello CR Jordan,

    Will the length of the needle out of the tube could that be the cause of pulling at the skin when tattooing the outline? From what I have read it could just be the Voltage of my machine. I will play with both to see but any info would be great.



    • CR Jordan 9 years ago

      Amount of needle sticking out shouldn’t matter – so long as your machine is running properly. Sometimes it is not just the voltage but a series of issues. The voltage is a good starting point though.

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