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Thermal Printers Question:

So I've been trying to figure out how to skip the tracing bit in the stencil process. Somebody on here mentioned thermal printers a while back. After doing some digging I found out that all the main brands of inkjet printers use thermal. So what I'm wondering is how exactly does that work? Can I simply scan my drawing, invert the image, then print on regular spirit master paper? Does it work on any carbon paper?

If anyone does it this way let me know how it works, so far I've been drawing my stuff holding against a window tracing it on the reverse side, then tracing the reverse of my drawing onto the stencil paper. I'd like to remove all the hassle if its possible

edit: I should mention that I have an inkjet printer already just need to get some ink for it as its been sitting for a while and the ink has dried up.

I am pretty sure they inkjet printer is not getting it hot enough for the spirit master's paper to work with thermal printer. There are several thermal printers that you can find but they are more scanner/printer so you put an original drawing in it and as it scanning its printing back out the other side.

There are a couple thermal printers out there but I think that those are more thermal fax (if it is actually “printing” from a PC. They're fax machines typically.

You said “Skip the tracing bit in the stencil process” Just do your drawing and input into a therma-fax which is heats right onto the the carbon from the pencil.

You need to not try to skip on the tracing! So not sure what the actual objective you are trying to get around.

Someone mentioned that you can use the dot-matrix printer, and that works to but again you find dot-matrix printers that will not need the the holes on the side (of the paper). So keep that in mind. It's just doing the same thing as you tracing. It's pressure.

Beware of those the Chinese thermal copiers though they are different - about 200 bucks, but they are actually very very garbage.


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