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"Eikon device has their own clip cord sleeves that are available on their website, or at registered vendors across North America. You may even be lucky to find this product from a non-registered vendor. These cords—or at least something of the similar design—are a must in any tattoo shop, or studio. These are used to keep your clip cord clean, and to keep it from touching your client and causing possible infections. It also helps to prevent cross contamination.

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The clip cord is one of the dirties pieces of equipment in a tattoo studio. Unless it is constantly cleaned, or covered at all times this piece of equipment can harbor a lot of dirt, and grime. They have the possibility of dropping on the floor, being touched by the client, touching the clients tattoo during the tattoo process, being touched by either your prep gloves or your working gloves, and a plethora of other ways. As such it should be cleaned after each use with a disinfectant such as CaviCide, and covered during each tattoo you perform."


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