Okay Real fast – One more!

“Tattoos with no outline”. I do have a question for you guys form the FORUM. “I'm going to do a breast cancer ribbon on a friend of mine, and I have plan to make it a bit extra special for her as it means a lot to her. I've seen a pink diamond tattoo that inspired me for the color theme. I've seen some amazing tattoo works mostly flowers without any black outline.”

My Response: Right so this is a question about bloodline basically, (Referenced in Basic Fundamentals of Modern Tattoo). If you're trying to do a tattoo with no black outline, you can outline it in red or using pink or even the red ink you would use for the filling (coloring) of the tattoo.

You can actually just use that if you wanted to, or you can do it with outlining with a lighter color. I would just go ahead start with the red.

However you would lighten the pigment is another question here in the Forum. How do you get a lighter shade? Don't over-think stuff a lot guys... it's actually a lot easier than your making it. Just diluted with water.

So that's all the time I am spending today, forum's audit. Some more answers up tomorrow just trying keep going down this list and plugging away at it. Take it easy guys! Sorry this is so informal and rough around the edges. Feel free to comment and I will try to clarify.

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