So you think you have what it takes to be a tattoo artist? Or you want to become a tattoo artist, but don't know how - so you just got a tattoo kit and started tattooing yourself and your friends...

I found some threads on the Forum, that I will try to address. I don't have too much time these days for the forum - but I will make it a point to answer every single tattoo question that I get! It might just take me a year or two.

Anyway... Here is a bit more from the Forum, and my responses. (Sorry if the grammar is pretty poor, rapidly responded to!)

Be sure to Get Basic Fundamentals

Here's a post on the forum that's called “advice” and it has a website from (robroy) and basically looks like he's putting up a webpage that he did.

And some comments on the same thing. “Remove this spambot” We can send an email to [email protected].

My Response: That's true if there is spam this is in the area - Just report it.


Okay lets get out of the suggestions area - is actually pretty boring to me right now.


Let's look at tattoo questions for apprentices – that's what everybody wants to hear anyway right?


Questions on soap.
Question: “Okay so I made my own soap for tattooing.”

My Comment (That's a very interesting and I don't know know why you would do that .. but okay, lets see where this goes.. . )


Question: It's made from one part CVS antibacterial hand soap and nine part CVS antiseptic mouthwash after. After I made my concoction and I read looked up the ingredients on green soap and found that it contained veggie oils. So my question is: could I still add oil, or would it completely negate the whole sanitary thing?


My Response: So.. what I don't understand - is why you guys are on this website trying to find little ghetto tricks on things that you can make bargain and just to save a few dollars...


I mean. There are so many things that you're trying to make that you can easily purchase for very very low cost. I think a gallon of green soap is like a 10 bucks or something right?


But the point of trying to make is: who cares if what you're doing is unsanitary. Just don't do it! Then you don't have to ask that question. Because it's stupid. If you have to ask “how can I do this crazy scheme and make it sanitary?” – then you have bigger issues, and that should also be a give away that this is not a good idea.


You written here the soap is for the initial cleaning before applying a stencil. I personally always just use rubbing alcohol it's with a spray bottle and paper towel. Again these are things anything has to sanitation you need talk to a doctor who can give medical advice to be truly accurate. Or you just watch what is going on in a tattoo studio. Most tattoo shops are actually pretty clean.

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