In the summer of 2008 I came across the FK (Fallen King) Irons
patent pending “1.5 coil” setup. I have to start this section by
stating that I have not personally tried these machines. I was immediately
intrigued by this seemingly new invention. I had seen
square coils before, and even very strange number of wraps on
coils, but never 1.5 coils. What I mean by 1.5 coils is the actual
height of the core. The front coil is standard height, but the rear
coil is only ½ as tall. In theory this machine will have a stronger
magnet in the front and a weaker one in the back. This is
supposedly because more force is preferred on the front of the
a-bar than on the rear. I am very interested in keeping an eye on
these machines and this technique in building style. Be sure to
check with the individual you are apprenticing under before you
jump in and purchase something new!


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