You might hear of rotary machines every once in a while, or see
them in catalogs of equipment. There are numerous styles and
manufactures of rotary machines. Instead of using the coil and
magnet mechanics, the rotary machine actually has a spinning
mechanism on a cam. The cam will ultimately move up and
down, and with a needle attached to the end of the cam shaft.
These machines are a lot less fluid in movement in my opinion.
They offer a rigid pricking approach to hitting the skin. They
are currently popular with the permanent cosmetic industry,
and there are a few newer models of Swiss made components
that are seen for sale on the bigger tattoo equipment distributer
sites. I cannot vouch for the quality or efficiency of these
machines. I am not even sure if they require tuning or just additional
voltage to increase the speed. I see them (from an
outside perspective) as being very limited. Perhaps the reason
they are so popular with the permanent cosmetic industry is the
fact that they are so simplistic. In the case of tattooing, when
you consider the fact that the tattoo machine is equivalent to the
painter’s brush simplicity with the machine might not be a very
good thing.

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