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      My name is Jerimy from Hawaii, but everyone can call me Jermz. First of all I am no pro. Extreme beginner in fact. I don’t have a big artistic background, i haven’t been drawing my whole life, etc. I just love tattoos, which is why I believe this forum is one the best things a beginner like me could stumble across. I am willing to learn anything. I am determined to become a Tattoo ARTIST, and not JUST a tattoist.

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      You have to DRAW a lot..
      Every day you need to be tracing… and tracing… and tracing.
      If you can’t draw well – then you have to trace… until you can draw the things you trace in your sleep.
      Then when you understand the shapes and patterns in the things you trace – you will start to combine and resize them into your own unique designs.
      But it takes a lot of practice… trace trace trace… and when you hand hurts – trace some more –
      get some sketchbooks… and just try to copy people’s work. fill a whole sketchbook –
      until you get to the point that you can draw original stuff…
      get it?
      something like:
      “draw for days and months and weeks and years…
      and if after all that you still don’t get it.. then you can blow your brains out” – Freddy Got Fingered Movie Quote

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      i just bought a couple tattoo magazines, a sketchbook and stuff the other day. i’m trying to draw and stuff in my free time. hopefully it pays off. thanks for the advice.

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