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      OK never used a forum before, I don’t normally have time for things like this…anyway Let me introduce myself, I’m Christi, 26 from Pennsylvania. I’ve been married 8 years this july and we have 4 amazing and beautiful kids. ok on to business, I’ve alwasy had artistic ability, I’m not a Picasso, but I can draw, sketch, copy mold,you name it I can at least say I’ve tried it. about a year ago my brother brings me this tattoo machine and some ink and says, put a tattoo on me. I’m like no way, I don’t know how, but he insisted, so i drew his zodiac, scorpio with permanent marker, i wasn’t sure at this at all, but I did it anyway, needless to say it was a disaster, but the ink stayed in and yes he has a giant M on his chest….since then I’ve surfed the web watched videos bought product online, and upon hearing about my first tattoo, a few of my friends signed themselves up as guinea pigs, no I really had no idea what i was doing, what needles were for what, but I took a guess, and thankfully I got it right most of the time. I did a few tattoos on myself, just for practice with pressure, I had no idea to use a pork loin or melons or anything like that till I watched a video on it about a month ago. Anyway I got in touch with my husbands uncle, who is a tatoo artist, and he’s been giving me advice, I’ve always treated the skin like a painting or a drawing, I feel at home with it that way. anyway so I’ve done a total of 30 tattoos, all with willing people who know I’m not very experienced and don’t care, now either their crazy or dumb, but either way it works out for all of us, I get practice, they get ink. I always always use a new needle and tubes and tips, I wear gloves and I use green soap and I really try to work in a clean environment. My whole thing is, with each tattoo people say I’m getting better and better, what I’m wondering is if I feel its ok and they feel its ok,they are very satisfied with my work, should I keep going with it? or should I stop all together and go use some skins and get an apprentice ship? I don’t know the answer to that, but for no, I’m going to continue to find my way in the world. Ink isn’t just a bottle and needle to me, its a canvas, and freedom. When I turn that machine on my world is at peace, my worries melt away, life is good.

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      Welcome :3

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      I know the feeling scratcher Im in the same boat aside form the fact that my first tattoo was done about three years ago in a shop under an artist. We had a falling out and i was on my own I will give you this advice dont buy anything on ebay especially needles and tubes unless it is fron technical international tattoo and try out the machines from hildbrandt the freeflow tubes and their needles arent bad either also you can get a gallon of green soap for $14 and a 16 oz tub of a&d for $7 from them

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      Regarding the youngster online website visitor to your site excursions.

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