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      I can’t even fly….. My name’s Ben and I live in San Diego. I’m active duty Navy and am a tattoo collector. That’s all I am though, I’ve never drawn, I don’t have any serious intentions of becoming an artist, but I love to learn new things. The primary reason I joined this website is to browse and gain a stronger understanding of how tattoo machines work, what components/materials make the difference between a 50 and 200 dollar machine, etc etc. I work with RF and electrical circuits on a daily basis and am very hungry for knowledge on the subject of tattooing. I think the only way I could learn about it is by trying to become an artists apprentice, but like I’ve said, that’s not really for me. Thanks for welcoming me to your forum, hopefully you all are patient with my ignorance.

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      Welcome to the forum, I’m sure there is a real nice in-depth answer in here somewhere for you

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      CR Jordan

      Welcome – nice intro

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