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      I have been searching around for disposable tips and grips for my coil machine. I already have a good supply of disposable needles and tips, but I’m realizing it’s hard to find just tubes and grips! I am still in the learning stages and have not tattooed anyone but myself yet. My kit came with metal tubes and grips, I do not have an autoclave at the moment. Based on my research it seems generally cleaner to just bag my machine and use as much disposable material as possible. I am in a very rural area with little to no opportunity for apprenticeship or working with other tattoo artists, should I invest in an autoclave for just myself regardless?

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      Hi I am a new to tattooing as well, I’m on the same train of thought as you though. I’m nowhere near tattooing other people. However I figured since I don’t have an autoclave yet, I’d be safest sticking with disposable EVERYTHING and bagging everything else. Cleaning properly of course. I was able to find on Amazon the tip + grip + tube and needle all together in a disposable pack. I haven’t gotten around to trying them, they are from Amazon so I imagine they aren’t the greatest but it’s everything in 1 disposable pack so I hope this helps 😁✌

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